28 décembre 2012

Parution : British Decolonisation

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Mélanie Torrent, British Decolonisation (1919-1984): the politics of power, liberation and influence, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 2012.


Part I. The British empire challenged: the roots of decolonisation (1919-1939)
I. “The Wilsonian moment”: the Paris Peace Conference and its impact
II. The paradoxes of trusteeship and dominion status in the Empire-Commonwealth
III. Indian politics and the assaults on the raj
IV. An age of upheavals: colonial agitation and imperial aggression in the 1930s

Part II. (A) fighting empire: imperial convulsions from World War to Cold War (1939-1951)
I. The British empire and Commonwealth at war: for whose freedom?
II. Ending the raj, not the empire: conservative and transformative trends after the war
III. Towards a new world order? Anti-colonialism and multilateralism

Part III. A new world map: winning independence, negotiating retreat, managing influence (1951-1964)
I. Between the battlefield and the negotiating table: the empire under attack
II. The economy of decolonisation: trade, strategy and territorial politics in the 1950s
III. Winds of change in Africa?
IV. Independence, democracy and Commonwealth identity

Part IV. World roles and liberation struggles: the end of empire? (1964-1984)
I. The end of a world role?
II. Contested transitions: the politics of race and liberation
III. After the tipping point: belated independence and colonial outposts

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