20 février 2012

Exile’s Return, An EMiC Colloquium at the Sorbonne Nouvelle

Exile’s Return, An EMiC Colloquium at the Sorbonne Nouvelle

Paris, France, June 28–30, 2012


Thursday, June 28th

8:00-8:45am Registration
8:45-9:00am Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:00-10:30am Session 1
Plenary: Modernism Reaching Out: From Paris to Planetarity
Chair: Dean Irvine (Dalhousie University/Yale University)
Andrew Thacker (De Montfort University)
Taking Root or Moving On? Modernism, Transnationalism, and Little Magazines
Suzanne Bailey (Trent University)
Remaking Diaspora: David Silverberg at William Hayter’s Atelier 17
Miguel Mota (University of British Columbia) and Paul Tiessen (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Malcolm Lowry’s “Lost” Novel (1931-44): From Paris Stories to Canadian Ashes to
Archival Return
10:30-11:00am Break

11:00-12:30pm Session 2
2A: Transmedia Modernisms
Chair: [Matt Huculak (Dalhousie University)]
Wendy Roy (University of Saskatchewan)
New York to Paris: Transnational Modernisms in Adaptations of Mazo de la Roche's
Gilles Lapointe (Université du Québec)
Identité sans frontières : Edmund Alleyn et l’espace artistique parisien entre 1955 et
Stéphanie Danaux (Université de Montréal) and Nova Doyon (Université Laval)
«Combien d’autres sont partis qu’on n’a jamais vus revenir?» Le débutant d’Arsène
Bessette illustré par Théophile Busnel (1914)
Session 2B: Elsewhere Communities
Chair: [Marc Fortin (Queen’s University)]
Emily Robins Sharpe (Pennsylvania State University)
Honeymoon in Paris: Women Reporting the Spanish Civil War
Bart Vautour (Mount Allison University)
Reporting Spain: Modernist Journalism and the Politics of Proximity
Sophie Marcotte (Université Concordia)
Du Fémina à l’indifférence : Gabrielle Roy et la France
Hannah McGregor (University of Guelph)
Writing the “Foreign”: Narratives of Travel in the Writing Careers of Margaret Laurence
and P.K. Page
12:30-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-3:15pm Session 3
3A: Wilfred Watson's Paris and the Problem of Finding a Canadian Idiom
Chair: [Shirley Neuman (University of Toronto)]
Paul Hjartarson (University of Alberta)
The Other Watson: Wilfred in (Another?) Paris
Gregory Betts (Brock University)
“I held all the hot egos of the world in my hand”: Conscious of Multi-Consciousness in
Wilfred Watson’s Poetry
Vanessa Lent (University of Alberta)
Paris and Wilfred Watson’s Cockcrow and the Gulls
3B: Comme Il Faut: Exile and Return in Modernist Canadian Periodical Production
Chair: [Andrew Thacker (De Montfort University)]
J. Matthew Huculak (Dalhousie University),
The Cosmopole Writes Back: Exile and Return in Le Nigog
Faye Hammill (University of Strathclyde)
Modes de Paris: Literature, Fashion and Excess in Dispatches to Canadian Periodicals
Michelle Smith (University of Strathclyde)
The Pursuit of Elegance: Advice and Advertisements for Parisian Travel in Canadian
Magazines of the 1920s and 1930s
3:15-3:30pm Break

3:30-4:45pm Session 4
4A: Writing Athwart: Editing Roy K. Kiyooka
A TransCanada Institute Panel
Chair: Kit Dobson (Mount Royal University)
SmaroKamboureli (University of Guelph)
Letters from the Other Side: On Editing and Editing Roy K. Kiyooka
Roy Miki (Simon Fraser University)
Transforming inglish: Editing the Poetry of Roy K. Kiyooka
Glen Lowry (Emily Carr University)
Roy Kiyooka's 'Wheels': A Trip thru the Coach House Backcountry
4B: Editing in Exile: Viewpoints from the Student Vanguard
A Roundtable
Chair: E.M. Kondusky (University of New Brunswick)
Melissa Dalgleish (York University)
Christopher Doody (Carleton University)
Hannah McGregor (University of Guelph)
4:45-5:15pm Break

5:15-6:45pm Session 5
Session 5A: Invisible > Visible
Chair: [Glenn Willmott (Queen’s University)]
Stephen Ross (University of Victoria)
The Spectrography of Ethics in Wyndham Lewis’s Tarr
Leah Ellingwood (University of Victoria)
Digitizing the Enemy: Developing a Resources Website on Wyndham Lewis's Tarr
Adam Hammond (University of Toronto)
Figures on Familiar Ground: Paris, Toronto, and the Heavenly City in Sheila Watson
and Wyndham Lewis
Session 5B: Sexuality, Textuality and Transculturality
Chair: [Melissa Dalgliesh (York University)]
Katie Tanigawa (University of Victoria)
“The absolute change of atmosphere”: Locating Paris in Canada’s Nostromo
Jason Wiens (University of Calgary)
Tracing the Limits of the Obscene: John Glassco’s Revisionary Modernism
Margo Gouley (York University)
Metaphor and the Modern Critic: The Transcultural Contexts of W.E. Collin’s The White
Emily Ballantyne (Dalhousie University)
Reading Backward: The Sexual and Textual Productions of John Glassco's Memoirs of
6:45-7:45pm Reception

Friday, June 29th

9:00-10:30am Session 6
Plenary: Glocal Poetics
Chair: [Vanessa Lent (University of Alberta)]
E.M. Kondusky (University of New Brunswick)
“This is called work by those who know”: The Genesis of Leonard Cohen’s Death of a
Lady’s Man
Nadine Fladd (University of Western Ontario)
Revis(it)ing Modernist Moments: Morley Callaghan and The New Yorker
Catherine Lanone (University of Paris)
Reinventing the Image: T.S. Eliot and Emily Carr
10:30-11:00am Break

11:00-12:30pm Session 7
7A: Transnational Periodicals and Textual Migrations
Chair: [Emily Ballantyne (Dalhousie University)]
Jade Ferguson (University of Guelph)
“I’m Alabama Bound”: The 1930s International Anti-Lynching Campaign in the Pages of
Masses and the Poetry of Dorothy Livesay
Louise Kane (De Montfort University)
“an exile’s magazine”(?): Palms (1923-30), transatlantic review (1924), transition
(1927-38), and Epilogue (1935-8)
Zailig Pollock (Trent University) and Christopher Doody (Carleton University)
“I Have Changed”: Textual Transformations in P.K. Page's Brazilian Journal
7B: Routes of the Modern
Chair: [Paul Tiessen (Wilfrid Laurier University)]
Marc Delrez (University of Liège)
Rilke in Frame
Johannes F. Evelein (Trinity College)
Locus of Exile: Paris in the Modernist German Novel
Mark Williams (Victoria University)
Dark Furniture: The Lugubrious Modernism of Late Manhire
12:30-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-3:15pm Session 8
8A: France-Québec Connections
Chair: [Sophie Marcotte (Université Concordia)]
Jacques Paquin (Université du Québec)
L’expérience littéraire de Gatien Lapointe en France (1956-1962) à travers sa poésie et
ses archives personnelles
Michel Lacroix (UQAM)
Les exotiques à Paris (1910-1914) : entre modernismes et (néo-)classicisms
Sarah Alharbi (Université de Montréal)
Vers une phénoménologie de l’exil : quand l’exil du corps au Royaume des Idées
symbolise le retour de l’âme à ses origins
8B: Mansfield, Exile and the Self
Chair: [Christine Lorre-Johnston (Sorbonne Nouvelle)]
Simone Oettli (University of Geneva)
Katherine Mansfield and the Notion of Self
Elizabeth Welsh (University of Auckland)
Within the Pages of Rhythm: Mansfield, Exile and nostalgie de la boue
Janet Wilson (University of Northampton)
Mansfield, France and Childhood
3:15-3:30pm Break

3:30-4:45pm Session 9
Plenary: Global Migrations and Mutations
Chair: Marta Dvorak (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
John Thieme (University of East Anglia)
How Did Modernism Transform Itself When Nissim Ezekiel Shipped It to Bombay?
Muneeza Shamsie
Cross Cultural Influences, Transculturalism and European Modernism in the Poetry
and Prose of the Pioneering South Asian English writer, Shahid Suhrawardy (1890-
Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS)
Modernism in Indian Poetry: A Paradigm for Emancipation, Recovery and Creative
4:45-5:15pm Break
5:15-7:00pm Keynote Presentations and Readings
Chair: Marta Dvorak (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Mavis Gallant and Alberto Manguel

Saturday, June 30th

9:00-10:30am Session 10
Plenary: Intermedial Métissage
Chair: Gregory Betts (Brock University)
Katherine McLeod (University of Guelph)
Radio Modernism in Canada
Linda Steer (Brock University)
“I AM THAT AM I?” Brion Gysin’s Art of Unsettled Identities
Marta Dvorak (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Image and Page: Mavis Gallant's Modernist Transmutations
10:30-11:00am Break

11:00-12:30pm Session 11
11A: Edges of the Modern
Chair: [Hannah McGregor (University of Guelph)]
Manina Jones (University of Western Ontario)
Collaboration as Collage: Brion Gysin and the Cutting Edges of Modernism
Erin Wunker (Dalhousie University)
“Try Advil, try Stein”: Sina Queyras the Making of Contemporary Canadian Feminist
Mathieu Duplay (Paris 7 University)
Chinese Poems on the Moon: Writing the Canadian Landscape in Malcolm Lowry’s
“The Forest Path to the Spring”
Melissa Dalgleish (York University)
The White Goddess in Toronto: Jay Macpherson, Robert Graves, and the Exile of
Canadian Modernist Mythopoeia
11B: Place and Displacement
Chair: [Bart Vautour (Mt. Allison University)]
Travis Mason (Dalhousie University)
Reading Partridges and Others at the Edge of Ernest Buckler's Modernist Style
Marc Fortin (Queen’s University)
Marius Barbeau in Europe: Modernism, Ethnography, Translation
Robert Zacharias (University of Toronto)
“Brilliant Exile, for the Heart / Is and Not Makes, a Work of Art”: Modernism and the
Aesthetics of Displacement in Canada
Tony Tremblay (St. Thomas University)
Locating Attitudes to Place in Canadian Modernism: A New Brunswick Study
12:30-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-3:30pm Session 12
12A: Sheila Watson in Paris and Paris in her Journals
Chair: [Paul Hjartarson (University of Alberta)]
Matt Bouchard (University of Toronto) and Harvey Quamen (University of Alberta)
Bringing the Archive to the Streets: the WatsonAR Smartphone
Kristin Fast (University of Alberta)
Mapping Sheila's Paris: just what did this exile return home with, anyway?
Linda Morra (Bishop’s University)
“I want my story told”: Modernism and Autobiographical Representation in
Sheila Watson’s Notebooks
Shirley Neuman (University of Toronto)
Sheila Watson, Paris, 1955
12B: Mansfield and Gallant: International Modernism and Paris
Chair: [Janet Wilson (University of Northampton)]
Sydney Janet Kaplan (University of Washington)
Mansfield, Manoukhin and International Modernism: Paris 1922
Anne Mounic (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
A Flavour of Paris in Katherine Mansfield’s Stories
Christine Lorre-Johnston (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Women Abroad: Expatriation in Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield and Mavis Gallant
Teresa Gibert (Spanish National University)
Transculturality and Transnationalism in Mavis Gallant’s Writings
4:00-4:30pm Break

4:30-5:30pm Session 13
From Exile to Return
A Roundtable
Chair: Dean Irvine (Dalhousie University/Yale University)
Kit Dobson (Mount Royal University)
J. Matthew Huculak (Dalhousie University)
Glenn Willmott (Queen’s University)
[Faye Hammill]
[Smaro Kamboureli]
[Shirley Neuman]
8:00pm Conference Dinner
La Coupole

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