09 novembre 2012

Parution : Cultures of the Commonwealth

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Essays and Studies
ISSN 1245-2971

The Local and the Global
N° 18 Autumn 2012

Virginie ROIRON : Bridging the Local and the Global: An Enquiry into Commonwealth Action for Small states   
Ron LEASK : The Many-Layered Commonwealth: A Pacific Illustration  
Stéphanie PRÉVOST : Irish Home Rule and British Imperialism: A View Through the Prism of the Bulgarian Question (1876-1886)  
Iside CONSTANTINI : The Encounter of Two Worlds through English-Language Newspapers in Nineteenth Century China  
Evelyn ODONKOR : Children in Ghanaian Society  
Susan BARRETT : Sara Baartman and/or The Hottentot Venus: From Ethnological Curiosity to Symbol of the Oppressed  
Fetson KUALA : The Role of a  Public Intellectual in a Democratic State  
Bernard CROS : From the Transvaal to the Cantal: The Exodus of South African Rugby Union Players to France  
Anne LE POULLENNEC : The Township and the Gangster in Tsotsi: Local and Global Aspirations of the New South African Cinema  
Cécile PERROT : Between Attraction and Repulsion: Impact of Global Trends and Discourse on South African Education Policies  
Vicki BRIAULT-MANUS : English in South Africa after Apartheid

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