23 septembre 2013

Colloque The Place of Memory in Diasporic Cultures : programme

The Place of Memory in diasporic cultures
MRSH (Maison de la Recherche et des Sciences Humaines)

Université de Caen Basse-Normandie CAMPUS 1
3-4 Octobre 2013

Thursday 3rd October

8.30h - 9.00h : Registration at the MRSH (Maison de la Recherche et des Sciences humaines),
Université de Caen, Campus 1

9h – 9h20 : Room 027 Salle des Actes :
Opening of the conference by Professor Anca Cristofovici, Director of the ERIBIA, University of Caen.

9h20- 11h45: Workshop 1.1 Room 027 Salle des Actes
Shaping collective identity through memory (India, Bangladesh).
Chair: Françoise Král

Jennifer Randall, Université Paris 8
‘Imagined communalisms : disseminating India’s ‘other’ post-colonial history through the diaspora.’

Antara Chatterjee, Calcutta, India
‘Remembering Bangladesh : Tahmima Anam and the Construction of a Bangladeshi national narrative.’

Florence Cabaret, Université de Rouen
‘Memories of the partition of India in Earth, 1947 by Deepa Mehta (1998)’

9h20- 11h45: Workshop.1.2 Room : 028 Salle des thèses
Poetics of oblivion, politics of remembrance.
Chair: Corinne Bigot
Hari R Adhikari, United International college, China
‘A battle against one’s own kinsmen : Chinese students’ reactions to ‘autoOrientalization in Maxine Hong
Kingston’s The Woman Warrior and Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club.

Lena Englund, Abo Akademi University
‘ “…..whether I like it or not, I am home” – Memory and transnationalism in Peter Godwin’s memoirs
Mukiwa and When a Crocodile Eats the Sun

Joanna Pasternak, Gdansk University
‘Anita Desai’s art of oblivion.’ 
11h45- 12h: coffee break

12h- 13h: Workshop 2.1 Room 027 Salle des actes
Diasporic Memory (India, Sri Lanka).
Chair : Sam Coombes

Sreekanth Kopuri, SriVenkateswara University
‘The diasporic home in the literary map of Agha Sahid Ali’s poetry.’

Sabine Lauret, Université de Versailles
‘Consuming memory : the oneiric past in Romesh Gunesekera’s The Sandglass and Heaven’s Edge’

12h-13h: Workshop 2.2 Room 028 Salle des thèses
Cooking up a History: official History, folk stories and culinary memories.
Chair : Janet Wilson

Virginia Sherman, Université de Grenoble
‘In search of lost identity : re-discovering self and identity through culinary memoirs’

Sarah Knor, University of Northampton
‘Kala pani poetics : Indo-Caribbean memories’

13h-15h: Lunch Restaurant Universitaire B

15h- 16h: Room 027 Salle des actes
Keynote address by Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Professor Emeritus, Université Paris Ouest
Chair: Françoise Král.

‘The present is a foreign country : memory and nostalgia in Sam Selvon, The Lonely Londoners.

16h-16h30: Coffee Break

16h30- 18h: Workshop 3.1: Room 027 Salle des actes
Re-imaging the past, visual arts panel.
Chair: Héliane Ventura

Claudine Armand , English Department, Université de Lorraine, Nancy.
‘Re/membering, mis/membering : memory and diasporic experience in the multi-media practices of some
contemporary native-American and African-American artists.’

Anca Cristofovici, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie
‘Pictures that make a difference : displacing photographic memory’

Hania A.M. Nashef, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
‘Remembering and retelling the Palestinian story through film.’

16h30- 18h 30: Workshop 3.2 Reterritorializing/Re-gendering Memory. Salle des thèses
Chair : Florence Cabaret

Laura Singeot, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie
‘The reterritorialisation of memory in David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon

Letizia Alterno, Manchester University ‘Waves of histories and memories: Commonwealth pasts and futures
in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies and Raja Rao’s The Serpent and the Rope and The Cat and Shakespeare.’

Egle Kackute, University of Vilnius
‘Memory, gender and linguistic amnesia.’

Delphine Munos, University of Liège.
‘Holocaust postmemory and the legacy of un-death in Nicole Krauss’s Great House.’

18 h30- 19h30: Drinks party at the MRSH

19h45: Conference dinner Café MANCEL (inside the Château de Caen, next to front entrance)

Friday 4th October

9h-10h30: Workshop 4.1: Room 027 Salle des actes
Irish and Scottish diasporas
Chair : Armelle Parey

Michael Morris, University of Glasgow
‘Relations between Scotland and the Caribbean’

Pascale Guibert, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie
‘Displacement : memory and creation in Eamonn Wall’s poetry.’

Cathy Coussens, Ipek University, Ankara, Turkey .
‘Reconstructed Irish history and reuniting the diasporic self in Nuala O’ Faolain’s My Dream of You (2001)

9h-10h30:Workshop 4.2, Room 028 : Salle des thèses
Francophone diasporas.
Chair: Sam Coombes.

Mohamed Saki,University of West Brittany, Brest
‘Loss, belonging and un-belonging in The Road to Fez, by Ruth Knafo Setton.’

 Pamela Carralero 'Jean-Luc Raharimanana and the Re-Construction of Memory through a Poetics of Bricolage'

Isabella Archer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ‘Fighting for a Frenchness denied : North African identity and memory in Rachid Bouchareb’s Indigènes.’

Mohar Dascchaudhuri, Visiting Fellow at the Department of French, University of Sheffield.‘Reconstructing memory : creation of a fantastic ‘third space’ in the writings of Ying Chen and Linda Le.

10h30-11h: Coffee break

11h-12h: Workshop 5.1 Room 027 Salle des actes
Black Atlantic diasporized memory.
Chair : Anca Cristofovici

Gwennaelle Cariou, PhD Université Paris Diderot
‘Memorializing the diaspora : the example of African museums

Elaine Rocha, University of the West Indies, Barbados
‘Undesirable immigrants in the Brazilian racial democracy’

11h-12h: Workshop 5.2: Room 028 Salle des thèses
Recycling, rewriting, retelling memory
Chair : Janet Wilson

Rocco de Leo ‘The Place one had been years ago.’ : memories of space in Michael Ondatjee’s Running in the Family.’

Marcia Carlson, University of Antwerp. ‘Conflicting memories of the parentland : Danticat’s The Dew Breaker and Chancy’s Spirit of Haiti.’

12.30-14h: lunch Restaurant Universitaire B

14h-15h: Workshop 6.1. Room 027 Salle des actes
Scottish-Canadian Atlantic in the work of Alice Munro.
Chair: Corinne Bigot

Christine Lorre-Johnston, Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle
‘Alice Munro as writer of the Scottish diaspora in Canada.’

Héliane Ventura, Université Toulouse Le Mirail
‘Bardic memory : recycling Norse sagas and celtic minstrelsy in Alice Munro’s stories.’

14h-15h: Workshop 6.2 Room 028 Salle des thèses
‘Refiliating memory in the Caribbean’.
Chair Sam Coombes.

Kathie Birat, Université de Lorraine
‘Making sense of memory in the writings of the Caribbean Diaspora.’ (Andrea Levy and Caryl Phillips).

Myriam Moise, Université des Antilles Guyane
‘The wombs of memory in the narratives of E. Danticat and N. Hopkinson : reproducing subaltern histories,
reasserting folk memory.’

15h-15h20:   Coffee break

15 h20-16h15: Robert Young, Julius Silver Professor of English and Comparative Literature at New
York University.

followed by

16h15-17h15: Panel Discussion Héliane Ventura, Janet Wilson and the guest speakers.
Chair : Françoise Král

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