23 septembre 2013

EACLALS - congrès UnCommonwealth: Riches and Realities

Le congrès de l'Association Européenne d'études des Cultures et Littératures du Commonwealth (EACLALS) aura lieu à Innsbruck en avril 2014 sur le thème 'Un Commonwealth, Riches and Realities' . La date butoir pour les soumissions a été reportée au 31 octobre.
L'association offre deux bourses de 500 euros aux étudiants/doctorants qui souhaiteraient communiquer.

Shirley Chew, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Terry Eagleton, Abdir Hamdar, Dennis Haskell, Neil Lazarus, John McLeod, Kei Miller, Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Kim Scott, Stephen Slemon, Stephanos Stephanides, Helen Tiffin, Thomas Wharton
In light of the natural disasters and political and fiscal crises marking the new millennium, it seems more than timely that EACLALS should use its 15th triennial conference to retrace its conceptual roots in the Commonwealth and reconsider the notions of commonality and wealth. Postcolonial discourse has preferred to utilize poverty, subalternity and disadvantage as theoretical categories and rarely examined what Foucault calls the “abuses and arrogance of wealth” or refined wealth as a measure of advantage and disadvantage. Yet the production of wealth has been both a motivation behind and a justification for colonial expansion. These demand our attention though, especially as the discrepancies between the wealthy and the poor are being reinforced by the global financial crisis and protest movements against corruption and economic injustice are drawing hitherto unimagined constituencies. The Arab Spring and the Occupation of Wall Street are cases in point, demonstrating the urgent need for a critical reassessment of such concepts as “general good” and “public welfare” and a careful appraisal of resources that still give currency to the idea of a commonly shared wealth. Such resources include also more uncommon wealths: riches not necessarily perceived as such if only because of their inherent resistance to commodification.
The organizers would like to encourage papers that look at Commonwealth literatures and languages, as embodying such riches and, at the same time representing other cultural wealths threatened by monetization, consumerism and affluenza.

FOR THE CALL FOR PAPERS AND MORE INFORMATION SEE www.uncommonwealthseaclals2014.wordpress.com

two postgraduate grants to cover travel and accommodation up to 500 Euros to attend the upcoming EACLALS triennial conference UNCOMMON WEALTHS: RICHES AND REALITIES
Innsbruck, 14 - 18 April, 2014
The recipients of the EACLALS Triennial Travel Grant will be chosen on the relevance of their research to the conference theme as discernible from the abstract of their proposed paper.
This offer does not exclude PhD students who have already sent in their abstracts for the conference.
Applications must include
- the abstract submitted to the conference organisers,
- a single A4 page letter stating the applicant’s reasons for applying,
- name and contact details of the applicant’s supervisors or head of department
and be submitted by 31st October, 2013 to the board of EACLALS c/o the conference convenor Helga Ramsey-Kurz (helga.ramseykurz@gmail.com).

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